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Patients at State hospitals and clinics in South Africa are typically destitute, malnourished, as well as being very sick or injured. Many are jobless, many are homeless, many have no loved-ones to provide the basic needs for them for a hospital stay or for a visit to the clinic.

BHCC strives to provide for the needs of destitute inpatients and outpatients in the Greater Johannesburg area in the following 4 ways. Click on the links to read more.


About Us - who we are, our history, how we operate

Hospital Comforts - our original core work

Bread for Life - feeding schemes at outpatients' clinics, to feed the destitute, ensure a full stomach on which to take medication, and, vitally now, to encourage compliance with long-term chronic treatments

Transportation assistance - where regular reporting for chronic treatments (such as ARV treatment and TB treatment) becomes an economic decision rather than a health one, we help patients remain compliant, to avoid reversals in their recoveries, or even worse, contracting deadly secondary illnesses.

Projects - from rehabilitating dilapidated facilities to providing materials for self-help occupational projects, we will allocate any discretionary funding to projects.


Email : bhccsouthafrica@gmail.com

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