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How you can help?

  • Monetary donations will help us greatly in any of our 'Areas of Aid'
  • Personal introductions to potential sponsors and charitable fund managers will enable us to introduce our work to decision-makers who would otherwise ignore a letter of appeal "out of the blue".
  • Come and join us : once a month on a Wednesday morning, and contribute your skills, your time, shop for us, deliver for us....we need volunteers!
  • Sewing, overlocking, knitting and crocheting of babies' and children's clothing and blankets will always be appreciated
  • Donations of new or used items :
    • Blankets
    • Clothing and shoes (all ages)
    • Baby paraphernalia
    • Basic Toiletries (toothpaste, toothbrushes, washcloths, aqueous cream, deodorants, etc.)
    • Cosmetics (new/used/samples)
    • Toys and Games (educational, board games, etc)
    • Paint and Crayons, craft items
    • Foodstuffs (packet soups, peanut butter, tea, sugar, biscuits, jam, milk powder, protein bars, cereals....)
    • Heaters and fans, toasters, kettles, etc
    • TVs, DVDs, radios, VCRs, CD players>
    • Fridges, tumble dryers and washing machines
    • Foam rubber (for paraplegic patients)
    • Sewing machines, wool, fabric (fleece, winter sheeting, etc.), knitting needles, etc.
    • Christmas presents (wrapped, marked)
    • Vegetable seeds, gardening equipment
  • Sponsorship or reduced prices of foodstuffs (peanut butter, soup) or toiletries, fabric, etc - all of the items mentioned above.
  • Approach your local schools, scouts, clubs, etc., to adopt us as one of their "charities", for funding or sponsorship
  • If you're not in the Johannesburg area, help us with research, phoning, admin....