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One of the major problems for patients needing to follow chronic treatment plans is compliance. Appearance at a clinic is often as much an economic decision as a health decision. Sporadic attendance can have serious repercussions : and it is not simply a question of recovery periods being set back or prolonged.

In today's South Africa we are currently dealing with barely containable health crises. ARV treatments (anti-retroviral treatments for HIV positive patients) are for the rest of a patient's life. Failure to adhere to the programme will result in secondary illnesses developing, from AIDS-related cancers (currently our oncology wards are overloaded) to tuberculosis (TB). TB treatments should ideally run for 6-9 months (2 to 3 full courses of antibiotics). If antibiotics are abused by taking sporadic dosages, the bacteria which remain in the system between dosages are the most resistant ones, and these multiply. Once resistant forms of TB develop, the standard antibiotics will no longer treat them. Multi-drug resistant TB and extensively drug resistant TB are killer forms of the disease for which there is often no cure, and they are totally man made.

If patients who genuinely cannot afford the fare to the clinic can be reimbursed, non-compliance may become a thing of the past

Our transport fund also helps penniless inpatients be discharged.

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