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Governance :
We are a properly constituted Non-Profit Organisation and Public Benefit Organisation with Section 30 and Section 18A status. Our Financial Statements are audited annually by KPMG, and all our documentation is readily available for inspection.


Management :
Our committee consists entirely of volunteers. Though we have no full-time staff members (our ethos is to make sure that every cent of donors' funding reaches the beneficiaries, rather than be allocated to salaries and administrative costs), the stability of our organisation resides in the commitment of our members, most of whom stay with the organisation for decades. The qualifications of the members range from ex-nursing staff to members with LLBs, BAs, BComms, Administrative and Financial qualifications, teachers and members with various other skills that they bring to the table. Sustainability is guaranteed by the fact that we double up on portfolios, so that no one member is responsible for key work. And what sets us all apart is the passion we all have for being hands-on workers for a common cause.


Finances :
We source all our funding from donors, ranging from private individuals, through charitable trusts and corporate donors, to the National Lotteries' Board, who have given us a once-off donation. We have also partnered with Premier Foods who are supplying most of our feeding schemes with Blue Ribbon Bread free of charge. Our finances are very tightly run by a highly qualified team, and our aim is to make sure that whatever donations we receive are passed on directly to the beneficiaries within a year of receiving donations, all the while maintaining 9-15 months' worth of reserves to guarantee smooth cash flow.


Processes :
Patients are transient, so how do we provide full, well-reasoned services to our beneficiaries, many of whom cannot speak for themselves? We partner with nursing and clinical staff "right at the coal face". Social workers, therapists, community rehabilitation facilitators, hospital matrons, clinicians and doctors, who know the exact financial and nutritional circumstances of every patient in need, bring those needs to our attention. We then deliver straight to them the goods or the finances required to enable the assistance to be given to the most needy cases in the most efficient way possible. We monitor all donations by means of declaration registers, financial books of account and regular report-backs from the staff, and visit regularly to see for ourselves what is happening at grass roots level. Where possible we try to obtain photographs (though this is difficult due to patient confidentiality issues at the hospitals). Transport grant registers, in particular, are scrupulously kept, with patients' file number, signatures, amounts given, etc.


Monitoring and Evaluation :
As our beneficiaries are patients in State hospitals and clinics, we gauge the success of our projects on report-backs from the clinicians and staff in the facilities we help. Patient data is confidential, but this does not prevent us from generically assessing direct benefits of our intervention in many cases, and where exact measurements are impossible (nutritional improvements, productivity improvements are impossible to measure, nor is the improvement to the dignity of inpatients measurable), we can obtain anecdotal evidence of improvements to the well-being of the patients, and frequently receive assurances that the help we provide is of inestimable value to patients and over-stretched staff alike.